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Explore and build trails around the world with Google Maps.

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Whether in the city or in the great outdoors, find or build your perfect trail. Search by rating, travel mode, and interest.

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Read, write and share genuine reviews on Trekker. Discover the details, difficulty, and equipment needed for your journey.

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Whether you're walking, hiking, riding or driving, your GPS will guide you along the trails.

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Explore and interact with places you never knew about. Solve puzzles, discover facts, and snap photos to earn badges.

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Choose from the many treks that are free or priced by the authors.

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Find and review adventures that match your location, interests, time and challenge level.

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Sign in to record your journeys, photographs, share with friends, and build your own treks.

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Free to trek or pay authors with the world class security Stripe Payments system.

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Have fun by completing challenges, tracking your progress, reaching the highest scores and earning badges.

Create your exciting treks with Google Maps

Ever wanted to build a self guided tour, party game, scavenger hunt, history trail or spiritual journey - easily and for free?

Design your trek once and share with thirty friends for free. Ideal for clubs, schools and team building.

Select A Location
Begin your adventure anywhere

Add your trek using Google Maps then begin drawing your trail.

Add Missions
Choose any point along your trail

Give directions, interesting facts, tasks, and puzzles for intrigue and interest.

Describe your trek

Create a welcome message with a photo, information, type of travel, and more.

Make it free or earn some money

Test your trek, set a price, then watch the reviews to see how people like your work.

Versatility Of Trekker

Whether you walk, ride, drive or fly there are so many ways to adventure

Art tours, dining and drinking tours, film locations, garden tours, history tours, parks and nature tracks, sports and fitness trails, bike trails, spiritual journeys, outdoor education, scavenger hunts, mystery games and secret caches can be every where you look.

Trekker Adventures

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Some examples of how to make your party game, hidden cache, and adventure more fun.

Trekker info icon

Give directions, instructions and clues along the trail.

Encourage people to find and discover without giving away the exact answers. Example: look around the drinking fountain for your next mission.

Trekker task icon

Set a variety of tasks

Match the tasks to your players by setting missions that gradually become more difficult to solve. Examples: How many poles can you count? What year is on the sign? Find this knot in a tree.

Trekker photos icon

Challenge people to take photos

Ask the players to photograph themselves completing tasks. Examples: Photograph yourself at the top of the hill. Photograph yourself with a security guard.

Trekker search icon

Go to interesting places

There are interesting places everywhere and people love to discover. Example: How old was Jack Miser when he was buried in the cemetery?

Trekker award icon

Make your last mission the hardest

End with a great finale by setting a goal that people will find challenging. Example: Count the steps on that lead to the cathedral entrance.

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