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Team Events

Can you think of an amazing race where your friends and family complete a trek of missions and challenges to compete for the highest score? Not only will they have fun but they will experience new scenery and learn about things that only you knew. 

Teachers can encourage students to learn about  environments and history in almost any location. Encourage them to go: hiking, climbing, canoeing, riding, and walking in terrains that they will discovers. 

Organise activities in your neighbourhood, school, shopping center, parkland, forest or even in your home. 
You can create your own trek or use someone else's trek to have a great time with your friends.

What you need to know 

Events are fun - so tell your competitors about your plans. Ask them to arrive at the starting point one hour before its time to begin. Competitors can not begin before the start time that you determine but they may begin after that time. Their scores will be based upon the correctness of their answers and the bonus points that they accumulate. 

Make sure that there are at least two people per team - if driving is required then a navigator will need have a keen eye on navigation and finding items. Trekker will score each team on their ability to find and complete tasks and, at the end of your rally, they will have a record of their journey including where they traveled, their photographs, distance and how they scored.

How to run a team event

Firstly, select a trek that will be the basis of your rally. If no trek is suitable then design your own. Create an event with a name, date and time. You can then invite the members through inbuilt social networking. Once your competitors have accepted your invitation then you will be good to go. Your teams must being no earlier than your start time and must be at the start location to begin. Each team will be scored on their individual successes and the their total time to complete the event. Stay in touch with your teams with Trekker messaging - there should be good communication throughout the rally.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.
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