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Family Fun

Family Fun - Overview

It's great to take your family out for a fun activity that you can all play. Treks may be created for kids, teenagers, and adults. You may find a trek in your local park, nature reserve or shopping centre. You may even find a trek for your holiday destination. If there are no treks near you then create one - no programming required and its fun. You may even design a trek with your family members who may have fun ideas and puzzles.

What you need to know 

Treks can be made by anyone, anywhere and therefore Trekker is always growing. Use the search to locate a trek where you intend to visit. As a family it may be better to chose easier trails that are about an hour long. 

How to trek

Each of your family members may share a phone or split up into groups to compete. The inbuilt char facility will allow you to keep in touch and your journeys will be recorded so that you will have a permanent record of your achievements and photographs.