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Team Building

Team Building - Overview

Would you like to engage and entertain your crew at the next meeting, offsite, or conference and you don't have much time to organise it? Jump onto the Trekker to find the best treks in your area and invite your team to join a race event.

What you need to know 

As organiser you are responsible to ensure that all of your team and safe and in touch. Make sure that every member has read the trek description including what they need to take with them. Trekker has  an inbuilt chat facility that will make your communications easy. 

How run a group event

Communication is essential. Make sure that all of your team members know when the event will take place and make sure that they are at the start point. Each player will be scored on their answers to puzzles then their individual times. Therefore, it is not essential that all of the players begin at the same time.