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Car Rallies

Would you like to have a great day out with your friends, when everyone discovers new things and meets up to talk about their adventures?

You could organise a day that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Trekker is based upon who successfully completes the most missions so speed is secondary. Keen eyes, clever thinking and good navigation win the day.

There are ready made car rallies for you to see remarkable landmarks, roads, cafes and places of interest. If you can't find a car rally that you like then can create your own with Trekker and share it with your friends.

What you need to know 

Communicate, communicate and communicate. Discuss your ideas with your friends and tell about what they will need to prepare and how they will use Trekker to guide them through checkpoints, missions, instructions and bonus missions. Let them know that they will need to stay safe while finding the points on the map. They will need to know the start time and the end time. Ask them to arrive at the starting point one hour before its time to begin. They will not begin before the start time that you set and must begin before your event's end time.

Try to arrange at least two people per team - a navigator will need have a keen eye on navigation and finding items. Trekker will score each team on their ability to find and complete tasks and, at the end of your rally, they will have a record of their journey including where they traveled, their photographs, distance and how they scored.

Each team will be scored on their individual successes and their total time to complete the event. 

How to run a car rally

Firstly, select a trek that will be the basis of your rally. If no trek is suitable then create your own. Create an event with a name, date and time. You can then invite the members through your social media. Your competitors must create Trekker accounts and request to join your event so that you can accept them. Stay in touch with your teams with Trekker messaging - there should be good communication throughout the hunt.

Step One

Search and select a trek that matches your criteria. You may search by location, trekographer and trek title.

Once selected, read the details of the trek. There maybe reviews to help you decide if the trek is right for you.

It is a good idea to go on the trek yourself so that you are sure that your friends will like it.

You may create your own trek, test it, then invite your friends to your trek.

Step Two

At the bottom of the trek details, you will see the words, Create A Team Event. Select Create A Team Event, to begin the process.

The trek will be the journey that your friends and competitors undertake to compete on who is most successful at completing missions. Note that an single trek may have many events linked to it. 

You will be asked to enter in some basic details to create the event. Every event name must be unique, and every event is assigned a unique code, to help your friends and competitors find your event.

Step Three

Once created, you will be taken into your Event Watch screen. Here you must set the start and end dates and times.

You may invite your competitors by social media to attend your event.

Important: Your competitors must sign in and request to join your event before you can accept their invitation to join. Only then may they compete.

The Event Watch screen will display the each competitor's status at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down and view their progress when the race is underway.

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