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It's fun to create an amazing race

Imagine an adventure that you created with checkpoints, missions, instructions, and a map that you designed. Imagine creating your adventure on your phone to share with your friends, family and world.Stretch your imagine to make the challenges more difficult and fun. Once completed and tested, offer your trek for free or set a price to raise funds for your business, charity or club.


Step One

Once you have signed in, go to your profile page by selecting the triple bar at the top of the screen.

Before you do anything more, it may be a good idea to edit your profile photograph and enter a brief background or yourself. You may do this by scrolling down to select Account settings.

There are many options for you to engage with Trekker and we will explore the Create a trek option to introduce the design processes.

Once you're on the new screen, select the option to + Create A New Trek

You will be asked to give your trek a title. Important: the title must be unique to Trekker and cannot be changed once created.

Step Two

The trek design screen has many options, some only available to certified trekographers, so we will explore the basics that you need to get started.

The options that you need to complete are: Introduction, Check Points & Missions, Draw Map Lines, Test Trek and Create Test Event.

Lets get started by choosing the Introduction option. Once there you will see many unfilled details including the blank picture. Update to picture with an image of your trek then complete as much of the details as you can. Don't worry if you don't know enough yet because you can update the introduction later.

Step Three

From the trek design screen, select Check Points & Missions. This is you blank canvas to create the trail of your trek. You will discover that it is easy, flexible and provides the features that you need to design a great experience.

We recommend that you update the Start Point and End Point addresses first. It is also a good idea to complete your trek somewhere other than the start point but that's your decision.

At the bottom of the screen, there are three options to create tasks. They are + Check Point, + Mission, + Bonus Mission. Please take a moment to understand what each of these tasks will do.

+ Check Point
This is a location that you want you trekkers to go to so that they will follow instructions and complete missions that you have created for them. As many of your missions will be based upon the location, it is important that they are in the right place.

+ Mission
A mission is your creative genius will unfold. A mission can be an Instruction, a mission, or a time to take a photograph. You will decide how many points your trekkers will gain or lose by their success of doing things well. All of the missions must be completed before your trekkers can complete your trek. Each mission must have a task that you set. These tasks are: Single Answer question, Multi-choice question, Answer With A Clue question, Take A Photograph or a simple Instruction. Experiment with each option to see what happens.

+ Bonus Mission

These missions are optional but important for your trekkers to gain extra points for completing the trek. The best bonus missions can be completed at any time during your trek and there are no penalty points for wrong answers. A couple of examples are take a photograph of a police officer or ride on a Melbourne tram.

Step Four

We recommend that you physically travel along your proposed trek, creating missions as you go along. Take a friend with you who may see things that you missed.It wont take long to fill in your trail with check points, missions and bonus missions.

Once your trek is filled then you will see that you can move the missions up & down and you will be able to add, edit and add checkpoints anywhere along the journey.

Think about your trek. Is it too long or too short? Are the missions fun? Did you enter interesting facts along the way? You can login into Trekker from any device to modify your trek.

Step Five

Drawing a map shows your trekkers where they will travel and help them if they go the wrong way. From the trek design screen, select the option to Draw Map Lines.

At first, you will be presented with a list of your check points which have already been plotted onto Google Maps. However, you may discover that lines are drawn directly through buildings, over lakes, or there are no lines at all (if you did not add check points between your start and end points).

You may insert map points after each check point to draw a detailed map of your trek.

Step Six

Testing is the most important task for your trek. Testing will quickly demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses that your trekkers will experience.

From the trek design screen, select Test Trek to open your trek screen. Congratulations, you will be able to view the details of your trek the same way that your friends will see.

Do you have good photograph? Do you have a nice profile picture? Are the start and destination points right. Have to described what equipment your trekkers need to take on the trek and have you set the difficulty levels correctly?
You can not set your fees at this stage and you will not have any reviews until someone completes your trek.

Step Seven

Once you're happy with your trek then you may create a test event to invite a friend to test it for you. You may create as many events as you like so start by creating one to invite your friend to it.

From the trek design screen, select Create Test Event to begin your event. How to create events is covered in other pages of this website.

Ask your friend to take notes or go along with them to quiet record what they do. Some items to take note of are: Could they navigate the trek with the check points and instructions? How difficult were the missions? Did they get bored? How long did the trek take and how did your friend feel about it?

They will give you valuable feedback so that you can adapt your trek to an even better level.

Get Going!

Wow! You are a novice trekographer. Its time to organise a party, a treasure hunt or a car rally for your friends.Get cracking and have a good time.

Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.
Quote by Frank Herbert