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Trekker Prices

Free To Join

Become a trekker by creating your account, using your email address. Your account will permit you to play the published treks and build your own adventures.

Free To Build

No programming skills required to design your own trails. Use Google Maps to plot your trail and create missions.
Share with up to 30 people for free.


Q. Are all treks free to play?

A. No, authors set the trek prices. Some treks are donated for people to play, other treks set prices based upon the experience and interest.

Q. Can I sell the treks that I build?

AYes, you either offer your treks for free or set prices to earn some money. You may sell your treks at the minimum price of $10.00 AUD. Trekker transaction fees apply for each purchase - read the table below.

Q. Can I play the treks that I build for free?

AYes, we highly recommend that you trial your treks before sharing them with other people.

Q. How many people may I share my trek before I pay?

AEvery newly published trek receives 30 complimentary tickets. Additional tickets may be purchased for more players to enjoy your treks.

Q. How much do I pay to share my trek with more than 30 people?

AYou, as the author, may purchase additional blank tickets at any time. One packet of 100 tickets value would cost you $29.99 AUD.

Q. What is a trekker ticket?

AEach ticket permits one person to play your trek.

Q. What does publishing mean in Trekker?

AYour self built treks are hidden by everyone until you publish.

Q. What happens when all of the trekker tickets have been sold to players?

APeople may still read about your trek but will not able to play it.

Q. How do I link my built treks into the Stripe payments platform?

ATrekker and Stripe will guide you to create an payments receivable account to which you will be able to monitor and access.

Q. What would happen if I broke the Trekker Terms of Agreement?

AAll breaches will be reviewed and, if required, may terminate your treks and account. Criminal activity will be reported to local police authorities.

Transaction Fees

Trek designers establish a price when publishing their treks. 
They may choose to offer the treks for free or choose a price beginning at $10.00*.

Transaction Fee Ranges

No charge for free treks.
15% charge for treks priced under $30.00*. 
10% charge for treks priced at $30.00* or more.
 Trek Price  Transaction Fee  Designer Income
 Free  $0.00 $0.00
 $10.00 15% = $1.50 $8.50
 $20.00 15% = $3.00 $17.00
 $30.00 10% = $3.00 $27.00
 $40.00 10% = $4.00 $36.00
 $50.00 10% = $5.00 $45.00
 $100.00 10% = $10.00 $90.00
 $200.00 10% = $20.00 $180.00
 $500.00 10% = $50.00 $450.00

* Note: All references to $ amounts are in Australian Dollars (AUD).