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Technology At Your Finger Tips 

Trekker is designed to be friendly and interactive. You will use your mobile devices to navigate trek areas, to complete missions, take pictures and record your journeys. Results are available immediately after the treks and photos are available for download.

You may become a Trekographer so that you can design custom treks to share with: your friends; your community; or to the world. You won't need any programming skills to create amazing experiences with map locations, trail pathways, instructions, missions and decoders.

Organise a team events to race your friends, teach outdoor activities, go on car rallies, travel bike trails, and enter fund raisers. Keep track of every trekker in your event and communicate safely through the inbuilt messaging service.

Technical Functions and Specifications 

Everyone's functions

Trek search
Team events
Easy game play
Trail instructions
Automated audio
Social network interfaces
Youtube clips
Photo albums
GPS tracking during treks
Progress reports
Ratings and reviews

For the trekographers

Online design tool
Google maps interface
Draw trail lines
Multiple missions types
Support and guidelines
Advertising tips

Trekker employs the Google cloud for your security

Trekker employs Google level security to protect user login credentials and does not share data to non-law parties without your authorisation.