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Choose Your Destination and Trek Carefully

Knowing about the trek is everything! Read the description; paying close attention to the transport mode, difficulty, duration and location. Read the reviews and use the messaging system to ask the trekographer (author) questions. Use your common sense and be prepared.

Trekking is great fun so play it safe.

Organise Your Event

Running a group can be very rewarding and your friends will appreciate a fun time so set your event up well! Set a time when most people can make it, talk to them, tell them you're doing and why you think it will be fun. Make sure that your friends are prepared and ready at the start point when it's time to go.

Communicate to them while they are traveling, they will want to know that you are there for them. If needed then set up rest spots for them to take breath and remind them that their scores are based upon their individual success rates - not who comes in first.

You can organise amazing races!

Designing Treks 

Most importantly, imagine what people would like to do. What is fun? What is interesting? What is challenging. Avoid boredom and you will be a great trekographer.

Create a theme to make your treks interesting, e.g. history, sports, movies, food, drink, even a zombie invasion.

Walking trails should wind back to where they started because people need to return to their transport.

Allow time for your trekkers to complete the journey. If it takes you an hour to complete then allow at least one and a half hours for others to complete.

Be clear about your route. Give instructions and way-point addresses to make sure that trekkers don't get lost.

Use your imagination to create fun challenges. Its okay to encourage photographs but what could trekkers do at each location?

After you publish your treks then monitor how many times are they started and completed. Read the ratings and the reviews. Adjust, fine tune and monitor again.

You may just surprise yourself!