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Find and Play Treks

An Overview...

Take the time to explore your destination; stroll through cities while unlocking deep history and finding unique attractions, explore rare and unusual stores with custom made shopping tours, bicycle along disused railway tracks, bike pathways and back-roads, wander across sand dunes and snow white beaches, trek through lush green rain-forests and rugged desert country. Get up close to the things that matter to the local inhabitants.

What you need to know...

Treks are custom made by the people who have a story to tell about their locations and interests. They want you to discover and have fun with their journeys. The authors set prices on their treks; based upon the work that they have put into the design and the popularity of their journey. They, and others, appreciate you completing the treks and giving feedback with star ratings and reviews.

Your GPS will ensure that you have found the checkpoints where there will be hidden pathways, interesting facts and missions. You'll be asked to take photographs for your travel album and you will be able to review your journey at any time.

How to find the right trek for you... 

Enter the location of where you would like to visit. Read the details of the trek: paying close attention to the ways to travel, what you will need to take with and the length of the journey. Once you've found your trek then you will be on your way to discover new things that you would never have known about.

Once you have started your trek, you will discover a map that will lead you to various locations.

Travel to each of the map points to unlock the tasks at those locations. You will receive reward points for every mission that you get correct or lose point for incorrect answers.

Solve all of the missions of every check point to complete your journey at the last pin. You score will be entered into the leader board and you may review your journey whenever you visit Trekker.

What are you waiting for? Get trekking!

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
Quote by Martin Buber