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Logo Usage Guidelines

Trekker began in 2019 and we're glad that people enjoy our brand which is becoming a symbol of fun around the world.

Trekker Icon

Trekker Logo
Many travelers want to use the Trekker logo or our other trademarks for various scavenger hunts and tours — and we hope that it helps you in your purposes. But before you do, trademark law requires us to set a few ground rules that you must agree to before using our logo and icon.


  • Use our logos for personal use. (We love the tattoos!)
  • Give us credit.
    • When using our logos, if possible, add the credit provided above.
    • Link the word "Trekker" and our logos to
  • Portray Trekker and our business in a positive way.
  • Promptly respond to any request from us to remove our logos or change your use.
  • Change our logo or icon in any way.
  • Use our logos on anything that is intended to be sold or on any other commercial website or application.
  • Use our logos in connection with any cause whether political, fund raising or promoting individuals or businesses without our consent.
  • Use our logo in any way that implies a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement. For example, our logos shouldn't be bigger than yours or be the biggest thing on your webpage.
  • Make our logos available for download on your website or link to the images above from your website.
Contact us to request permission for any use beyond what is allowed here.