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Price Overview

Trekker is a hub where trek designers can create adventures for interested players.

Designers may choose to either sell or give their treks to others, this is managed by using an online ticketing system.

Trek designers purchase ticketing packs from Trekker. 

Tickets can be priced by the designer according to their own needs.

Trekker charges transaction fees for tickets that are sold. 

Cost To Play Treks

Designers set the price for their published treks, costings may be based upon the nature of the adventure and/or the reviews they have received. 

Being A Trek Designer

Anyone who has downloaded the app can create a custom trek on Trekker. 
No special programming skills are needed. 
There is no fee for creating and testing your treks.
Trek designers may be community groups, schools, clubs, commercial users, family groups or interested individuals.

Trekker Tickets

What is a trekker ticket? 

  • A ticket allows a player to access a published trek.

Each newly published trek receives 30 complimentary blank tickets. Additional blank tickets may be purchased online by the designer to on-sell to players.
The designer sets the unit price for each ticket of their published trek.
Trek designer ticket fee: 100 tickets value pack $29.99 *

How Authors Set Their Prices

Authors select the price when publishing their treks. They may choose to offer the treks for free or choose a price beginning at $10.00*.

Transaction Fees

Trek designers establish a price when publishing their treks. 

They may choose to offer the treks for free or choose a price beginning at $10.00*.

Transaction Fee Ranges

No charge for free treks.
15% charge for treks priced under $30.00*. 
10% charge for treks priced at $30.00* or more.
 Trek Price  Transaction Fee  Designer Income
 Free  $0.00 $0.00
 $10.00 15% = $1.50 $8.50
 $20.00 15% = $3.00 $17.00
 $30.00 10% = $3.00 $27.00
 $40.00 10% = $4.00 $36.00
 $50.00 10% = $5.00 $45.00
 $100.00 10% = $10.00 $90.00
 $200.00 10% = $20.00 $180.00
 $500.00 10% = $50.00 $450.00

* Note: All references to $ amounts are in Australian Dollars (AUD).