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10 Reasons To Join Trekker


✔   Record your travel routes and photographs
Automatically guide you along treks while recording your scores, routes, and time as you travel. Detailed mapping of trails.
Earn achievement badges
Become a champion trekker with badges earn from completing treks.
Host amazing races and challenge friends
Choose your favourite trek to challenge your friends for the highest score and fastest time.
Teach students with fun activities
Design education missions and puzzles for your class.
Create trails, scavenger hunts and games
Unleash your creativity by designing a nature track or heritage trail or art tour.
Fund raise with car rallies and treasure hunts
Nominate the price for your trek to raise money for your club.
Earn an additional income
Publish your great city self walking tour to supplement your income.
Trekker is the most affordable adventure platform
No cost to download, join or design. Share each trek with 30 friends for free.
We promise that there are no catches.
No unwanted messages and no lock in subscription fees.
Safety and confidentiality
No selling of your data and no identification or financial data is stored on Trekker.