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Sunbury The Nook Walking Trail

A Waterhole In The Heart Of Sunbury

Sunbury’s ‘The Nook’ water hole is a beautiful parkland located within walking distance of the town centre, containing a picnic area and the unique feature of the Sunbury Dairy, McMahon’s Dairy. It's a great place to take your lunch break or just to enjoy the soft green grassland, overlooking the water.

Solve a few puzzles along the way or organise a challenge with your friends to see who can get the tasks completed in the shortest time. Most of the trail is concreted but there is a steep climb up to a ridge where you will overlook the birthplace of the ashes, Rupertswood Mansion, and Sunbury township.

There are no main missions, and you may be guided by photographic instructions or by the map. There are bonus missions to do along the way.

Start at The Nook, Sunbury

Duration: 30 Minutes
Distance: 2km
Difficulty: Moderate

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