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The custom made adventures app

Explore custom designed trails and scavenger hunts or create your own amazing races. You'll be surprised at what you can do.

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3 Steps to Adventure

Login to Trekker

1. Create account

Create an account through the Trekker app to access and design treks.

Travel with Trekker

2. Play treks

Travel along self guided maps. Find objects, complete missions, and record your journey.

Earn badges with Trekker

3. Earn badges

Receive your badge to become a champion trekker. Share your experiences with your friends.

Flexible Design Tool

Design treks to reflect your creativity and interests.
Make interactive adventures with maps and missions that educate, create fun, and tell your story.
It's easy to share your experiences.
Improving Trekker

Working together, always getting better

We work closely with trekkers to discuss ideas and feedback. Contact us today.

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