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Getting Started With Trekker Designer

Trekker logoDesigner lets you create your own interactive adventures with trails, instructions, and missions.
A sample introduction screen of Trekker
This guide shows you how to make and publish your trek

Sign In

To start, sign into Trekker from a menu bar at the top of the screen. If you don't have an account then take a couple of minutes to create one with your email address.
Sample login screen

Getting Started

Begin by pressing on your avatar from the map screen then press any where on the map to tell Trekker where you'll begin your trek. If you don't get the address exactly right then you'll be able to change it later.
Sample map navigation screen

Enter the title of your trek. It will need to be the only trek with that phrase so it may take a few tries to make it unique.
Sample trek creation screen

Your Trail

At the start, you'll see a map pin placed on the map where you created your trek. That point is the starting address of your trek.
Sample trail design tool

Drawing Your Trail

Press on that map pin to see the options
Sample trek pin options

You'll see that you may "Draw" or "Tasks". Later we'll talk about the tasks. For now, we'll explain how you can draw your trail. 
As soon as you select "Draw", you'll be taken back to the map with three new options. 
First options to draw from map points

Begin drawing by pressing anywhere on the map to plot your trail. Don't worry if you press on the wrong points because you can change them later by dragging them to the right position.

There is a "Stop" drawing button that will stop you from plotting more points. Later, you may resume plotting by pressing on any yellow or red pins. 

The third option appears when your phone or laptop has picked up your location. This option, "Plot My Point" will draw a map point where ever you are located, making it easy to create your trail while walking, flying, sailing, or being a passenger
Diagram of drawing a trail
Before long, you'll have drawn your trail by plotting the points. Each plot will have one of these pins: a red (starting or task) pin,  or a yellow plot pin. The starting and task pins indicate that trekker will be informed or given a task to do. The yellow plot pins appear for you to draw the map, the yellow do not appear when you or others play your trek.
A red pin for drawing on the Trekker Google mapA yellow pin for drawing on the Trekker Google map
Press and drag any of those pins to adjust the location. You may assign tasks to any pin, all pins with tasks are red.

Pin Locations

The red pins and the yellow plot pins may be assigned tasks. Tasks are given to the trekkers when they reach those locations.

Try it out, press on a yellow plot pin to see your options.
How to add a task on the Trekker trail map

See that you can "Add Task" which means that you can give the trekkers some instructions or missions at this location. Go ahead, add a task.
Sample task creation screen
The task should be an instruction or a challenge task (if it's a mission). Challenge task example, "How many columns are at the front of the library?"

Adding A Task

Tasks are simple instructions or types of missions. Instructions are given to direct or inform trekker that something is at the location; you are not requesting a result when you, "Give Instructions". Missions request the trekkers to perform a task such as a Single Line Solution, Choose An Answer, Answer With A Clue, Take A Photo. Experiment with missions to see what you can do.
How to add a task to Trekker
Other aspects of tasks, include; adding an Image (typically of the location). Optionally Interesting Facts and / or a YouTube Link that could be viewed when the trekker completes the mission.

Bonus Tasks

Bonus Tasks are missions that may be completed at anytime during the trek. Bonus tasks are not assigned to any location and are optionally completed (unless you make bonuses mandatory in "Introduction / Settings" (discussed shortly).

Complete Your Trail and Tasks

Go ahead and design. Play with the options, experiment and think about how the trekkers will experience the fun. Once you're reasonably happy with the trail then move onto "Edit Settings."

Edit Settings

The settings are for your overall trek.  We'll give a detailed explanation of the "Introduction / Settings" and the "Publish" sections. Briefly the other options are to: "Test" (play the trek yourself), "Analytics" (statistics about usage), "Copy" (Make a mirror copy of your trek) or "Deactivate" (Making the trek disappear forever).
Trek screen to demonstrate how to edit settings

Introduction / Settings

This section describes your trek, sell your adventure by uploading a nice image and pitching a good introduction. Inform people about the primary travel methods, the difficulty rating, the category, equipment needed. Assign a badge that will be earned when the trek is completed successfully.
How to edit Trekker missions and instructions

Bonus Missions

Bonus missions may be completed at any time during the trek. The default option is that the trekkers do not have to complete the bonuses because they give extra points for the extra effort. However, you may insist that all bonus missions are completed because they are important to your trek. An example would be a scavenger hunt where the trekkers much search for all of the hidden objects in a park.
Trekker bonus missions

Publish Your Trek

When you have completed, and are satisfied, with your trek, you may publish it.  Prior to publishing some conditions must be completed. Trekker will give you a little help by testing for technical errors. You must decide whether your trek will be a "Private Listing" only viewed by people who know the link (use Share when testing the trek) or a "Public Listing" which will be available to the world to play.

Incredibly important: you must agree to the Trekker Terms of Use. Penalties may apply for breaches to those terms.
Sample trek publication screen

Tickets Explained

We understand that you may not have funds to pay for your trek so we've created a ticket system to help you get up and running. Every newly created trek receives 30 free plays by anyone (this is our gift to you). However, technology costs require authors to pay for tickets if more than 30 people play their treks.

Selling Your Trek

Do you want to raise funds from your efforts? If so, then you may set a price for each play of your trek. You set your price and Trekker will process each payment at the set transaction fee, see the Pricing page for more information.
Trekker does not contain, or process, any financial transactions; all financial accounts and records are manage through a Stripe account that you establish and link to Trekker. Follow the prompts to set up your Stripe account.
How to earn money from your tour, trail or game

Go Trek

How was your design experience. Trekker strives to make it as simple as possible so that you can enjoy and share your creations. Thank you for taking the time to read these instructions and go Trek!